Allermuir is a Grade A Listed Arts and Crafts house, designed by the architect Sir Robert Rowan Anderson as his own home in the early 20th century, and is set within an established but overmature garden setting.  A contemporary extension was to be added to the house, and the Client appointed h+m to remodel the garden layout.

The landscape concept divided the garden into three key zones.  A historically traditional Arts and Crafts zone was directly related to the front and rear gardens of the house, whilst a contemporary garden zone flanked the new extension, creating a refined modernist character.  A historical interpretation zone related to main access drive and entrance, where a mix of historical and contemporary design measures was proposed.  To emphasise these different zones, to the rear garden, a series of stone fin walls extend perpendicular to the house, extending the stone type and bonding style used on the house, whilst in the front garden area, yew hedges fulfil the same purpose.