Major urban redevelopment is underway on the western side of the city centre in the vicinity of the Union Canal and Tollcross.  The Lochrin Place site forms a key connection between the canal basin and its associated new facilities and public walkways and the city centre. The design approach proposes two major building complexes embracing a central urban public space connecting canal and city.  Commercial units occupy most of the ground floor space and are encouraged to spill out into the public space.  The urban space is deceptively simple, comprising a wide granite paved promenade to the commercial frontages, a central elongated hardwood deck acting as a south-facing ‘urban beach’ for events or relaxation public space, a cycle route connecting from the Canal to The Meadows and private gardens to each ground floor domestic property.  Planting is limited to strategically placed groups of specimen trees and ground cover planting in raised beds to define the main approach to the space.