Katherine Wolfe

Landscape Architect

Katherine has over nine years’ experience since completing her Post Graduate Diploma (with distinction) in Landscape Architecture, although she was introduced to the drawing board and pantone pens from the age of four. She has a keen, somewhat inherent, interest in photography, art and illustration and takes inspiration from both the natural and built environment around her. Aside from exercising her artistic endeavours through self-employment out of the office, she can’t help but bring her creative spirit into the four walls of horner+maclennan and enjoys nothing more than making her work look pretty. She has been described as ‘endearingly hyperactive’ as a result of her professional enthusiasm towards projects of any scale or description. Sound working relationships are very important to Katherine and she believes wholeheartedly in maintaining and strengthening them with a personable touch and warm sense of humour. Her late father, Patrick Wolfe, was a Landscape Architect and apart from teaching her many skills and techniques, he was her inspiration and remains so to this day.

She has two dogs. They too bring their creative spirit into the office, but keep it nestled under the desk. Most of the time. They also accompany her on all site visits and to project meetings, but regrettably cannot take notes as they have no thumbs.

Katherine has experience in a variety of disciplines such as Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) for schemes including wind farm and hydroelectric developments, overhead power line developments, sand and gravel quarry developments, and housing developments; masterplanning; detailed design, both hard and soft; contract administration and project management; and on-site contract supervision.

Katherine has recently bought a new house in Inverness, where she hopes to grow old and senile. Whilst still loyally working for horner+maclennan. A bit like Roz actually.