Amanda Mabbott

Landscape Technican

Amanda has worked with landscape architects since 1991 and has experience in producing drawings for landscape design projects at various different design stages, from planning through to the construction stages, creating accurate understandable plans from complex information.

Using various different graphic software packages Amanda has produced illustrations for Public Inquires, Environmental Assessments, presentations, exhibitions, site implementation works and many various Design & Build Road jobs. She has worked on a wide range of projects from large scale developments to private gardens. She also undertakes administrative tasks and IT work within our office.

Just like some of her work colleagues Amanda also has some experience in climbing but unfortunately for her rather than the great outdoors it’s normally the walls, when it comes to the antics of the dynamic duo (her two sons) and the dug. As a family they enjoy the great outdoors and aswell as walking some of the various landscapes of the UK they can also be seen bobbing about in canoes on Loch Lomond.