As part of a limited tender competition, h+m joined a multi-disciplinary team led by Reaich and Hall to prepare proposals for the expansion and development of Kilmartin Museum, set within the extraordinary archaeological landscape of Kilmartin Glen, where early man made his everlasting marks on the landscape and fashioned a planned landscape of immense order, power and meaning.

On a distinctive promontory of geographic, historic and civic significance, we propose similar marks. Our proposal draws inspiration from prehistoric geometries, symbols and materiality, and interprets these ancient precedents to meet contemporary needs.  A disciplined organisation of space and circulation within an awkwardly shaped site forms the setting of the new museum, allowing green space to connect village with museum.  A cruciform of access paths connects a sequence of spaces, processional routes connecting museum with village and landscape, logically linking arrival with entry to the museum and Kilmartin’s fascinating story.