Throughout three decades of professional practice, three guiding principles have remained constant for us:

Roots: While we continually absorb new influences, we have never forgotten the values which drew us to our profession – the wish to improve people’s quality of life; the desire to transform ideas into reality; and concern for the environment.  These beliefs remain pivotal to what we do.

Commitment: We apply the same level of commitment and enthusiasm to every commission we undertake, irrespective of project size.  This level of dedication, coupled with our pragmatic approach, results in creative ideas which translate into realisable solutions.

Quality: We follow a process of designing for specific people and places, avoiding any pre-conceived notions or applying pre-determined solutions.  We have a strong sense of responsibility to deliver well considered, quality products of immediate and long term value; where ‘value’ is a measurement of joy and satisfaction to our Clients, ourselves and the wider public, as well as longevity, functionality and economic viability.